In 1962 J. Pz. Boekel compiled and published a booklet called

Stam IJFF Westzaan-Assendelft

The genealogical data were put into a database, from which the family tree has been reconstructed. All data have been copied from the booklet, even when they were obviously wrong. If errors could be seen by the reconstruction program, they were printed in red. New data that are not in the booklet are printed in green.

For reasons of privacy, birth- and marriage-years after 1900 are replaced by 19xx, unless the person is (or both spouses are) deceased.

Surfing on the net resulted in links to genealogy pages of other families, and where applicable they are incorporated in the family tree.

Who whishes so can also have his or her e-mail address and/or home page mentioned in the tree.

The introduction (Dutch only for now) of this booklet has been made available for internet.

As of July 26th, 1999 a surname index is available as well.

Last update: 1999-08-04
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